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Black August - Los Angeles Have you heard of the month long Holiday in August called Black August?

Started in the 1970s by Black prisoners in San Quentin as a remembrance due to the state sanctioned killing of prisoners for demanding Humane treatment. It has long since been internationally recognized, Black August (commemoration) | Wikipedia


In late August of 2022, the 52-year-old African American publication Black Enterprise pronounced:

"Black August is becoming recognized as the alternative to Black History Month thanks to a growing movement aimed at honoring the revolutionary thought leaders and freedom fighters of the past and present."

Black August Uplifted as Alternative Black History Month to Celebrate Freedom Fighters | Black Enterprise

In 2017, Black August - Los Angeles was personally handed over to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles as a gift to Sister Mary Hodges founder of the Partnership of Reentry Program (PREP) for a joint art show with Homeboy Industries, founded by Father Gregory Boyle. PREP and Homeboy Industries are restorative justice ministries of the Archdiocese of Los angeles.

Black August - Los Angeles is listed in Wikimedia Commons's extensive Library as one of only 12 artworks in it's Black Cultural Archives.